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To assist organizations in bridging the gap between their goals and the needs of their employees. HCS offers consultation and trainings services to organizations/ Agencies to enhance their productivity, performance, improve employees’ level of awareness, and increase efficiency of employees.

Marie Beatrice Hyppolite is a Doctor of Health Science (with a focus on Global Health) and a Social Worker. Dr. Hyppolite’s career as a Social Worker has allowed her to work with individuals with mental illness, chemical dependency, involved with the criminal justice system, domestic violence victims and perpetrators, children in foster care and vulnerable adults. These experiences have provided valuable professional skillsets and has prepared her to function successfully in her present role as well as meet challenges in future endeavors. Dr. Hyppolite is enthusiastic and driven by her genuine commitment to affect change one individual at a time. Her years of service and professional work in the trenches continues to serve as motivation to grow, learn and serve.